Coaching is not for people who need it. Frankly, that would be everybody.
Coaching is for people who want it. 

Coaching might be for you if ...

You are committed to working on yourself and drastically increase the quality of your life, including your income, health, wealth, and relationships.

You want to connect with your true values and become increasingly able to apply them to your life. Find your calling and live a life of purpose.

You want to experience greater happiness, do what you love and love what you do.

You want to work with someone who sees your potential for greatness, holds you accountable to your dreams, and has your back when things get difficult.

You are driven to become a better version of yourself.
You wish to explore your current life situation, its dilemmas, conflicts, and potential for growth and creative expansion.
You feel you need to let go of old inhibiting ideas and create room in our life for new adventures.
You are ceaselessly searching for clear concepts, fresh ideas, executable action plans, and the motivation to carry them out to get you where you want to be.

You long to make a difference in this world and know this can only begin with working on yourself.

You feel you have something unique to give to this world, but are not sure what exactly that is.

You are someone who will never be happy with just being a copy of someone else's greatness.

You feel unfulfilled in your job and maybe even dream about leaving the 9-to-5 game to start your own venture.

You never give up. Ever.

Nobody is going to live your dreams for you. You need to get up, show up, and do it.